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Equipment Repair


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Craftsman Repair and Service

Looking for service work or repair for Craftsman Mowers or Craftsman Tractors? We service Craftsman equipment in North Bend, Fall City, Issaquah, Carnation, Redmond and more. 

Full service maintenance special for $299.00 plus parts and oil for riding mowers and lawn tractors, $299.00 for garden tractors and mowers with timed decks:

  • Operation: Check over unit and test.

    Engine: Check over for oil leaks, change engine oil and oil filter, replace spark plug(s), flush fuel if needed, replace fuel filter, clean or replace air filter, check choke/throttle operation, adjust engine RPM's as needed.

    Deck: Remove deck, clean deck, check over belts and replace as needed, check over all pulleys and idlers, check deck spindles and bearings, lube spindles, replace blades, check deck for broken welds and misalignment, install deck, and level deck.

    Drive: Inspect drive belt, inspect drive idlers and pulleys, inspect input pulley to transmission, check transmission mounts for cracking or broken welds, check transmission oil (if applicable).

    Chassis: Check front axle and lube, check tow in/ tow out, check wheels/tires for flats and air up as needed, lube wheel bearings (if applicable), check steering.

    Electrical: Check over starting system, clean battery terminals if needed, charge or replace battery if needed, check safety switches.

    Test: Mower with machine and power wash unit.